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About Us

Zhejiang Theoborn Auto-Control Valves Co., Ltd. is a company specializing in the production of pneumatic actuators and electric actuators. In the field of industrial automation, we adhere to the principles of rigor and reliability, and rely on many years of rich field application experience to provide high-quality pneumatic actuator and electric actuator solutions for fluid control applications such as pressure, flow and liquid level.

With the continuous development of industry needs, Zhejiang Theoborn Auto-Control Valves Co., Ltd.  has always been at the forefront, promoting progress and innovation in the field of valve control. Keep up with the development of digitalization, develop and embrace more innovative technologies that change the world, build information channels closely with users, experience user experience, convey corporate technological innovation, and form a multi-channel closed loop. It is a one-stop solution integrator, allowing fluids to The control is simpler, making the user's operation easier and more efficient.

We continue to create high-quality products for customers around the world, keep up with market demand, improve product quality, bring better application experience to users, and bring better development directions to enterprises. With the "technology as the guide, quality as the guide" With the enterprise spirit of "Win Reputation", we win customers, win the market, and satisfy customers with dedicated after-sales service.

Why Choose Us

Zhejiang Theoborn Auto-Control Valves Co., Ltd. has a professional technical team with many years of experience in R&D capabilities and rigorous testing technology. The technology accumulation over the past few years has enabled the company to maintain a good development momentum. From the initial design, material selection, process determination, and excellence in manufacturing methods, our products have fundamentally changed the complex traditional use of valves, integrating high technology into the valve control process, and rigorous testing processes to ensure that every Taiwan's products can meet the requirements of harsh working conditions, greatly improve the efficiency of valve use and reduce control costs, earning considerable profits for the company.